Unveiling the Beauty of Channeling: A Gift Inherent to Us All

Nov 29, 2023

Channeling is often misunderstood, and perceived as a mysterious activation exclusive to a select few, perhaps mediums or spiritual individuals. In reality, it's an innate gift accessible to every human being on this planet. It's that moment when you write something and marvel at the words, wondering who the true author is. It's the sudden wave of inspiration that leads to a song you never thought you could compose. It's the profound words of wisdom that flow from you, leaving you in awe of their origin. The state of flow and channeling are intricately linked, going hand in hand.

At its core, channeling is a simple act of surrendering to your heart, allowing creativity to flow from the core of your being rather than your analytical mind. It's a beautiful gift inherent in each of us, accessible at any moment. All it requires is calming the chatter of the mind and allowing the source to speak through you—whether it's through art, music, writing, gestures, spoken words, and more.

In the heart of Glorious Arisings, channeling takes myriad forms among our diverse team. Founder Kiana graces us with profound words of wisdom, an unceasing flow of messages destined to touch the world. Jennifer channels her creativity through art, crafting exquisite bracelets, arranging flowers, and designing visuals that breathe life into Glorious Arisings. Dalia, in her written expressions, channels poems and stories, often discovering profound insights she might not recall. Michael channels through the language of music, gifting us with compositions that serve as a powerful form of expression and evoke deep emotions. Channeling takes diverse forms, and each team member contributes their unique gifts to enrich the collective spirit of Glorious Arisings.

This extraordinary gift of channeling can be incorporated into our daily lives, creating space for inspiration and creative expression. It's about tapping into that inner well of wisdom and allowing it to manifest in various forms. We invite you to reflect on the ways you've channeled in your life. Perhaps it was through an unexpected piece of art, a melody, or profound words that touched others. We invite you to share your channeling experiences in the Glorious Arisings’ Soul Sanctuary, a welcoming community where your unique gifts are celebrated. Share your moments of inspiration, art, music, or any form of channeling.

Let's explore the beauty of channeling together—your presence will make our sanctuary even more glorious!

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